Duksville Universal (Hand) E-Brake Cables

Our cables are a universal fitting design. The kit comes equipped with quality adjusters and aluminum holding plate. Outer housing is designed with a Black outer finish and all have a top quality low friction Teflon liner (PTFE) lined conduit with a Stainless inner cable.

We have designed these cables to allow easy adjustment when needed and Duksville cables also features a Swageless lock( no more cable fraying).

Kit includes two 9 foot black outer housings that “U-Cut-to-Fit".

These cables can be used for a none equal pull, which is great if you want to side mount your E-Brake(Hand) lever like on early Fords but will also so work in a equal pull, as we say universal fit with easy adjustment !!

Buy it once and buy Quality...Made in the United Kingdom to our own design.


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